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activities » for children

Gorges de la Fou (15 mins)
Leaving Arles sur Tech, towards Prats de Mollo just before the hamlet of La Palma (and just before the turning for Montferrer), lies one of the narrowest canyons in the world: 1700m long, with a depth of 250m.

Protected by a metallic net and with a footbridge throughout the entire length of the gorge, families can visit the impressive torrents that course through the gorge in total security (you’ll be given hard hats).

Impressive if somewhat touristy, it is usually well loved by kids. It’s best getting there early on in the day – to avoid the heat and the crowds.


Monto Z'Arbes (20 mins)
Arboreal walks (parcours), zip lines (space jumps), via ferrata, paintball – kids love this. Le Galliné Route d'Espagne (you’ll find it just a couple of km past Prats de Mollo following the road to Camprodon in Spain).


Le Bois du Moulin (25 mins)
This is the same sort of activity park as Monto Z'Arbes above, but for smaller children: arboreal walks, bouncy netting, bouncy castles – kids love this. In a lovely setting by a river with picnic tables (you’ll find it just a couple of km past Prats de Mollo following the road to La Preste).


Centre Equestre (25 mins)
Horse riding for children and adults.


Molló Parc (30 mins)
This is a Natural Park located in a forest where your children will be introduced to Pyrenean fauna and flora (bears, wolves, eagles, deer, mountain goats and much more. You create your own outdoor itinerary walking through woods and fields engaging directly with many of the animals. Go through Prats de Mollo following the road to Camprodon. Mollo Parc is in the vicinity of Mollo on the left hand side.


Aqualand (60 mins)
This is at St Cyprien near Collioure. Kids love this … and I must admit (somewhat begrudgingly … that although it took some hefty convincing to get me there … I enjoyed it too!).

But, if you’re like me and not enamoured by crowds, it’s another trip that is best made early in the day. To really enjoy Aqualand, to avoid the traffic and the heat and to find a parking spot,; it’s best getting there as early as possible: so aim to be there for 10am!


Le Train Jaune (90 mins)
The first station is at Villefranche de Conflent.

From Villefranche de Conflent you can take the Le Petit Train Jaune (the yellow train) which has open carriages, is narrow gauge and winds its way up the valley to Font Romeu and Bourge Madame just a few minutes from Pugicerda in Spain.

It’s a great trip out for the family, a really lovely way to travel and takes you to good high-altitude walking in wide open high level valleys surrounded by beautiful cirques.

Leave yourselves enough time to make the train journey, have a few hours wherever you’ve got off, before taking the train back. It’s best to take the morning train no later than 10.30am, for a full day out.

hot tips

Gorges de la Fou (Arles-sur-Tech)
Tél. : 04 68 39 16 21

- Monto Z'Arbes (Prats de Mollo)
- Centre Equestre (Amelie les Bains)
- Molló Parc (Mollo)
- Aqualand (Saint Cyprien)

Le Train Jaune (Villefranche de Conflent)

- Office de Tourisme (Prats de Mollo)



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